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Where to Buy Gwyneth Paltrow’s Staub Pots and Pans

Where to Buy Gwyneth Paltrow’s Staub Pots and Pans

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If you’ve been itching to get a look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s new, custom-built home in Montecito, California, you’ll be excited to know that it will soon appear in the March 2022 issue of Architectural Digest. Recently, Paltrow welcomed the magazine to her home for an Open Door house tour, where she gave the inside scoop on everything from her kids’ favorite home-cooked meals to the hand-painted wallpaper she commissioned for her dining room and bathroom. (You can copy that look with a watercolor-inspired wallpaper design, like this one from Etsy.)

​​The home includes plenty of features that you probably won’t be able to recreate at home, like a graywater system, a custom couch and a dining table imported from a French furniture gallery. But the kitchen has plenty of details that we want to copy, whether it’s the cream-colored cabinets with gold fixtures or the sleek Italian knife set by the sink. (Those Coltellerie Berti knives retail for more than $2,000, if you’re curious.)

But the most accessible part of Paltrow’s kitchen is the cookware she keeps on hand. You’ll find a similar mortar and pestle from Hawkins New York for $120, or you could dial down your budget and go for this equally glamorous pick from Food52. And then there’s the large number of Staub pieces lining Paltrow’s kitchen shelves.

“This is, like, my dream, to have all my pots lined up,” Paltrow says of the shelves that hold her Staub cookware. Her collection includes more than 20 pieces, most of which appear to be cast-iron and ceramic pieces in matte black and metallic blue. She also has a set of more than 10 oven-safe ceramic mini cocottes (buy it: $80 for three, Williams Sonoma) for individual portions. 

The pots and pans sit on shelves built into Paltrow’s enormous kitchen island, which faces her custom wood-burning fireplace. Paltrow said she especially puts them to use when the cold weather sets in.

“In the fall, I love to cook,” Paltrow adds. “I love to braise things and make soups and stews and warming things. I always gravitate towards whatever produce is in season.”

We’d guess that Paltrow uses items like her Staub 6-Quart Metallic Blue Wide Round Cocotte with Rabbit Knob to whip up some of the family-friendly dishes she mentioned in her interview with Architectural Digest. “My son’s favorite recipe that I make is turkey meatballs or turkey ragu,” Paltrow says in her Open Door tour. “He loves pasta and he loves turkey sauce.” She adds that her kids are “pasta lovers,” as her daughter loves Paltrow’s spicy marinara and lemon Parmesan pasta. (We think our recipe for One-Pot Lemon-Broccoli Pasta with Parmesan would look pretty tasty in one of those glitzy Dutch ovens.)

Buy it: Staub 6-Quart Metallic Blue Wide Round Cocotte with Rabbit Knob, $395;

For the complete rundown of Staub cookware nestled into Paltrow’s kitchen, peruse these five photogenic pieces spotted in the star’s home.

Buy it: Staub Matte Black Pure Grill, $100;

Buy it: Staub Black Double-Handle Fry Pan, $260, was $371;