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They were having sex in my garage

They were having sex in my garage

DEAR HARRIETTE: I caught my teenage son in our garage with a girl in the middle of the night. Evidently, he and the girl have been making out and having sex in my garage often, and I had no idea!

Harriette Cole 

Part of me understands — I was once a teenager with raging hormones — but the mother in me is furious.

He insists he’s being safe, and from the smell of latex in the air, I’m sure he is. But how am I supposed to be OK with my 17-year-old having sex?

Devastated Mom

DEAR DEVASTATED MOM: For a few minutes, I couldn’t find a single word to write to console you. This is a tough situation.

I recently spoke to one mom of a teenage son, and she told me she found a condom wrapper in his trash can. That was her wake-up call.

Like you, she was happy that he was practicing safe sex, but she was still outraged and bewildered that her baby was having sex at all — especially in her house.

She sat down and talked to him about being responsible and respectful to his companion. She said that what she wanted to impart to him more than anything was that they should be safe and thoughtful with each other.

Harriette Cole: They were having sex in my garage