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The Inside Outside Guys: Completing your basement

The Inside Outside Guys: Completing your basement

In our last article, we performed our preliminary basement room and wall layout. We then determined where mechanical work needed to be done and where egress needed to be provided. We also got a sense of what our budget might look like, though many specifications were yet to be determined.

If you are going to be utilizing the services of a professional, now is a good time to interview a couple.

You want to talk with people like Basements Plus in Commerce that have a unique expertise and an in-house design staff.

A plan should be drawn indicating the layout with dimensions and specifications.

Choices are best made early in the process for finishes, fixtures and materials. This allows you to order with good lead time and to price the project to avoid surprises down the road.

Custom builders learned years ago to “force” the issue of early choices with buyers. They found that the more time a buyer has to make choices the more time they will take – even at the risk of delaying the job – and the less happy they were likely to be with their final choices.

A third dynamic comes in to play when specifications are delayed; pricing. Until you know what you are buying, you cannot know the cost. Delayed choices most often lead to budget overruns and a less satisfied customer.