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Seemingly normal house has secret strip club hidden in the basement

Seemingly normal house has secret strip club hidden in the basement

We did not expect that (Picture: Jam Press/Kohlmeyer Remodeling)

How annoying is it when you want to go out to the strip club and you have to actually leave your house?

Well, a property in Indiana, US, might have just solved that problem because it has it’s own nightclub – complete with stripper poles – hidden in the basement.

The house is now on the market for $799,900 (£590,000) – so it could be yours.

The property, in Indianapolis, US, looks like a totally regular family home from the outside – but the downstairs conversion has been described as the ‘hottest club in Indiana’ thanks to the unique party features.

Located in a quiet cul-de-sac, the house has five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, and is decorated with wooden accents throughout – but they’re not the features most people are interested in.

You would never suspect (Picture: Jam Press/Kohlmeyer Remodeling)
Totally normal (Picture: Jam Press/Kohlmeyer Remodeling)
Nothing to see here (Picture: Jam Press/Kohlmeyer Remodeling)

The underground floor has been re-modelled into a bar, complete with fully-stocked fridges of booze, black booths, a pool table, neon signs, a large bar area and space to dance.

Even more surprisingly, one area of the makeshift bar has been transformed into a strip club – complete with a stage, stripper poles, disco ball and a large viewing sofa.

And then you head downstairs… (Picture: Jam Press/Kohlmeyer Remodeling)
Not exactly family-friendly (Picture: Jam Press/Kohlmeyer Remodeling)
Look at the size of that bar (Picture: Jam Press/Kohlmeyer Remodeling)

Elsewhere, the property also offers a large swimming pool and a spacious deck – another perfect spot for entertaining guests.

Pictures of the home were shared online, where viewers were stunned by the basement conversion.

One person said: ‘I live just across the border in Illinois. That may really be the hottest club in Indiana.’

‘Business in the front, party in the back,’ another user added.

Someone else commented: ‘Ultimate house for introverts, you can go out and stay in at the same time!’

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Seemingly normal house has secret nightclub and strip club in the basement – now on sale for £590,000