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Peters, Stabenow press Buttigieg on autonomous vehicle development

Peters, Stabenow press Buttigieg on autonomous vehicle development

U.S. Sens. Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow with 10 Democratic colleagues wrote a letter dated Wednesday to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, requesting information on the actions the department is taking for the advancement of autonomous vehicles.

The senators emphasized the need for the technology to make roadways safer and more accessible, while staying ahead of countries like China in its development. They said self-driving vehicles represent opportunities for different jobs in manufacturing as well as in logistics, transit and passenger transportation.

“Yet, we lag behind in shaping a regulatory framework that will foster this innovation,” the Michigan Democrats and their colleagues wrote, “while simultaneously protecting and encouraging all of the important benefits we believe autonomous vehicles are capable of delivering.”

The senators requested information on specific actions the department is taking in the near term, which authorities will oversee the development and manufacturing of autonomous vehicles, how it will consider the jobs impact in its development of transportation policy, its plans for modernizing federal safety standards to account for self-driving vehicles, and what data are needed to create those benchmarks.