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Mixed-Use Development Coming Soon to South Downtown

Mixed-Use Development Coming Soon to South Downtown

The current rendering for Urbantec’s Forge Atlanta. Photo Credit: Submitted


Urbantec Development Partners LLC is behind Forge Atlanta, a technology centered mixed-use community that is coming soon to south downtown. The development will be built on a 10-acre site located at Ted Turner Drive and Whitewall Street. 

Forge Atlanta is expected to have a total of 3.8 million square feet of mixed-use space, of which 1.2 million square feet will be for residential space. There will also be multi-family housing and entertainment and retail venues.

CEO of Urbantec Jae Kim is an Atlanta native who has worked in the mortgage and diamond industries, but it was while working in tech that he found the need for a sandbox community. That became the inspiration for Forge Atlanta.

Urbantec has been working on this project for three years now. They found the land that will become Forge Atlanta in April 2020 and purchased it in January of this year.

Currently, they are finalizing the application for horizontal construction. They plan on applying for approval for vertical construction around March or April 2022 so that they can break ground by the end of the year.

COO of Urbantec Pietro Doran believes that this development is a great opportunity for the city of Atlanta.

“[Forge Atlanta] created an opportunity that very few people saw, and that is to build absolutely from the ground up a whole new platform for the 21st century- a multi-generational, inclusive, new city district at a scale that is almost impossible to achieve in any other venue, where we could build into it its own economics, its own community,” Doran said. “It becomes a place that people will say is the Forge district.”

In Kim’s opinion, what will make this project unique is the technological aspect.

“We will be incorporating technology like DNA, it will be the foundation of this project,” Kim said. “And we think this is the future of commercial real estate development, it won’t be an afterthought.”

Forge Atlanta will have a community-wide blockchain technology that will serve as a digital platform accessible to both businesses and residents. The property will also feature a life sciences technology center.

“I can’t imagine any sector that is more important going forward into the future than the science of health and well being, that finding ways and opportunities through the technology to make that health accessible to as many people as absolutely possible,” Doran said.

In addition to making health more accessible, Urbantec wants Forge Atlanta to be a community that is welcome to people of different economic statuses. 

“You can’t have you can’t have a community that isn’t integrated in terms of income, demographics, you can’t,” Doran said. “You can’t call yourself a village if you are a gated community.”

“We are building a city district that is going to incorporate all of the best opportunities to enhance lifestyle …. you have to create something that attracts people to this place and they make it a destination center; they’re the ones to talk about you- ‘We’ve gone to the Forge’- and that everybody knows what that means.”