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Marine City restaurant run by pastor set to close Saturday

Marine City restaurant run by pastor set to close Saturday

The Back-Door Grill in Marine City is set to permanently close after this week. 

“I just want to let the community know that I appreciate all of their support,” said the restaurant’s owner, Pastor Joe Wenturine. 

“We’re a small business, we’re a small town, but I really appreciate all they’ve done for it. We’re kind of off-the-beaten path when you think about main street where all the restaurants are, and that’s why I called it the back-door-grill, (it’s) at the back door of the church.”

Situated right behind Harvest Time Christian Church  King Road, Wenturine opened the small restaurant in Septemberr. 

In the seven months that it has operated, Wenturine said business had been steady and described his place as a hang-out spot for many locals.

Back-Door Grill owner and Harvest Christian Church pastor Joe Wenturine cleans the counter at his restaurant in Marine City on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

“I got people that come in like once a month and hang out and they do their fellowship and their meetings here,” Wenturine said. 

“Everything that we produced out of the kitchen, was farm to table and just fresh. I know it seems pretty easy to make a burger but we use fresh beef and we make a phenomenal burger.” 

He added the restaurant’s most popular appetizer was the Reuben eggrolls, and their most popular dish was the fish, offering both cod and perch. 

Although Wenturine would occasionally help out in the kitchen, he said that his main responsibility was greeting, meeting, and hanging out with the people who would walk through the door.  

He said he’ll miss interacting with the customers. 

The dining space inside the Back-Door Grill restaurant in Marine City on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

“People would ask me to pray over their food and that’s the stuff I’ll miss because I’m a minister first, I’m a pastor first, I love people,” he said. 

The decision to close the restaurant came after coming back from vacation and learning that the chef was ready to move-on. And although Wenturine tried filling the position, he said that it’s been hard to get help and find a chef.