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Is ‘Indiana’s hottest club’ in this house for sale?

Is ‘Indiana’s hottest club’ in this house for sale?



Screen grab from Zillow

A five-bedroom, four-bath house that’s been on the real estate market in Indianapolis, Indiana for a heavy minute has found new life after a popular social media page got a hold of the Zillow listing.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

And the reason will make you smirk.

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Living room Screen grab from Zillow

The house, listed for $799,900, appears to be the perfect suburban property, surrounded by million-dollar homes in a cul-de-sac, the listing says. But when you glance at the photos, it’s not all peace and quiet. Especially when you look at the basement.

Kitchen Screen grab from Zillow

“Custom full-sized bar with booth seating, pool table, natural gas log fireplace, attached dance room, LED lighting, gas stove, refrigerator, granite tops and floor,” the listing on Zillow describes the basement. “Walk out sliders to pool.”

Basement Screen grab from Zillow

It would appear that the entertainment also includes dual stripper poles.

Basement Screen grab from Zillow

The rest of the house, could appear on a family-friendly TV sitcom from the ’90s, with features that include:

Basement Screen grab from Zillow

But all the Zillow Gone Wild fans care about is that basement, according to the comment section of the house’s listing on the Facebook page.

Basement Screen grab from Zillow

“This club has EVERYTHING!” one fan said. “Neon palm trees…a bison head…dueling strippers… incongruous fireplace Buddhas….”

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

“This house is great!” another exclaimed. “All that’s missing is the upside down pineapple on the ‘Welcome’ sign.”

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

“Wow,” one person said. “If mullet was a decorating style.”

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

“Someone said this is Jean Ralphio’s house,” another joked, regarding Ben Schwartz’s obnoxious character on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”.

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“What happens in Indiana, stays in Indiana,” one person said.

Bathroom Screen grab from Zillow

“Ok, which Colts player used to own this!?!?!” another joked.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

“I love the actual order of the photos,” someone observed. “Like – normal, normal, normal, freaky secret basement strip club, normal, normal, normal…”

Porch Screen grab from Zillow

Some people were more disgruntled by other aspects of the home.

Deck Screen grab from Zillow

“I was fully on board until I came to the carpeted bathroom,” one person said.

Outside Screen grab from Zillow

“Am I the only one that noticed they spelled condiments wrong but didn’t see the chains in the bedroom?” another asked.

Pantry Screen grab from Zillow

“Lol they spelled condiments wrong,” one person said.

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