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House for sale in Missouri has a secret way into basement

House for sale in Missouri has a secret way into basement



Screen grab from Zillow

A home listed for sale in Independence, Missouri has the fans of a popular Facebook page scratching their heads and asking some pretty tough questions about what lies beneath.

Backyard Screen grab from Zillow

On the outside, the five-bedroom, three-bath house listed for $395,000 appears to be a run-of-the-mill — and cozy — place to raise a family. And when taking a gander at the interior, you might start to think the same thing: normal bedrooms, normal bathrooms. An ample backyard with a detached garage and barn. Even an orchard complete with peach and plum trees. All as normal as can be.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

Until you take a closer look at the kitchen.

While updated for resale, according to the listing on Zillow, it cleverly hides a secret entrance to the basement beneath a movable island. Tragically, there are no photos of the basement in the listing.

Kitchen Screen grab from Zillow

The very James Bond-worthy feature in the 2,212-square-foot residence caught the eye of fans of Facebook’s Zillow Gone Wild page, as folks flocked to the comment section of the home’s photos and cracked jokes, and, well, asked some questions.

“’Okay kids, go play in the basement while mommy makes dinner’ ::slides island back over stairs, Savors wine::” one person joked.

Basement Screen grab from Zillow

“Wait, the ISLAND moves to allow basement access?” another asked. “That’s not creepy at all! Not.”

“Some dad was really serious about tricking the kids he had an escalator on the other side of the kitchen island…” someone said.

“100% guaranteed I would lean on the island and fall into the pit of despair,” another said.

Some asked the question that was on everyone’s minds when it comes to the absence of basement photos.

Bathroom Screen grab from Zillow

“I am thoroughly disappointed we don’t actually get to see the basement,” someone observed. “I feel like it has to be really scary to show that serial killer hidden staircase but not show the basement itself. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?!”

“You show us a secret door to a secret underground lair & then no pictures of what it looks like down there?” another asked.

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

And, of course, the fact that perhaps the basement would make an appearance on a future crime podcast.

“Serial killer: ‘The perfect house doesn’t exis…’” one fan joked.

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“Great for when you need to cook dinner AND keep tabs on the person you’ve kidnapped at the same time,” another said.

“Do you wanna hide a body? ‘cuz that’s how you hide a body,” one person said.

Barn Screen grab from Zillow

This story was originally published November 16, 2021 5:35 PM.

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