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Half Brothers opens small event venue in its basement – Grand Forks Herald

Half Brothers opens small event venue in its basement – Grand Forks Herald

GRAND FORKS — Half Brothers Brewing Company in downtown Grand Forks has added something new to its location — an entertainment venue in the basement.

The space, previously used as a storage room, is about 40-by-30 feet and is now home to a wooden stage and enough room to hold up to 49 people. The venue itself is walled off from the rest of the basement.

“We had random knick knacks down there,” Matt Eidson, social media manager and brewer at Half Brothers, said. “We kept all of our merchandise down there. It was basically a catch-all room.”

Eventually, the idea sprouted. Eidson said Half Brothers first considered it a possibility around the end of August, 2021. The ideas began flowing, and discussions began on how to go about transforming the space into something usable.

“We went down and checked it out and started talking about what we would have to do to make it happen,” Eidson said.

The idea “right from the get-go” was a music venue. And then from there, it grew into something broader; an event space.

“Slowly but surely, we started knocking little things out here and there, and then we got really serious about it in the last couple of months and did the vast majority of the work,” Eidson said.

Half Brothers Brewing Company has opened a new event venue in the basement of its downtown Grand Forks location.


It started with clearing everything out that was there and then setting aside space for the venue. Then came the cleaning, then finally building the stage, painting the walls and adding decorations.

Next were the community-style tables, which used to sit in the brewery on the first floor, some small fridges to hold beer and a PA system.

“We have some paintings up top that have their half brothers themed that artists did,” Eidson said. “So we moved a bunch of those down there to kind of add to the scenery.”

The first concert held in the basement was on Jan. 29, when The Shackletons, a band out of the Twin Cities whose bassist went to college at UND, played for two hours. It was a success, but concerts aren’t the only events to be held there in the future.

Half Brothers Shackletons

The Shackletons christened Half Brothers’ new basement venue with its first concert on Jan. 29.


Half Brothers asked for suggestions on what events to host in the space in a Jan. 15 Facebook post, and the results varied. The litany of suggestions included book readings, improv theater, open mic nights, indoor cornhole tournaments, karaoke nights, a beer pong tournament and even accomodating an adult arcade.

“The possibilities are endless,” Eidson said. “We’ve also talked about just allowing people to rent it by the hour. And naturally, to this point, we’ve had two couples reach out and are interested in potentially getting married there, so it’s definitely a multifaceted space.”