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Georgia house for sale has a surprise basement

Georgia house for sale has a surprise basement



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If you take a peek inside any home that happens to be over 15,000 square feet, you’ll notice many of them come with their own movie theaters. They’re a common staple of wealthy houses that sprinkle the hills of Los Angeles or are tucked away in a penthouse towering over Central Park in New York.

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But what about one that happens to be hidden away in beautiful suburb of Marietta, Georgia?

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This five-bedroom, six-bathroom home is not only a steal at $749,900, but it has a movie theater.

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Only this one is just a tad on the original side, since it’s actually a drive-in theater.

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Or rather, has the essence of a drive-in theater from the 1950s.

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“The full finished basement is designed to keep the entertainment going with a one-of-a-kind drive-in movie room and a station to make your popcorn and more!” the listing on says.

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There are other alluring aspects of the home, including an oversized deck and a stone design pool, the listing says. There’s also an abundance of space throughout each room, complete with cozy fireplaces that are perfect for lounging around during those cold winter nights.

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The unique basement caught the attention of Zillow Gone Wild as fans were agog over the theater, the overall home and that price tag.

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“I like it!” one fan exclaimed. “Great place for family get togethers.”

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“Basement is fun and playful, and while I wouldn’t do it, it isn’t ridiculous,” another commented. “Basements should be a place where you can do things that aren’t meant to impress the neighbors or conform with the HOA. I think this is fine.”

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“The 1950’s called and they want their basement back,” one person joked. “Other than that, nice house.”

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“This house would sell for $1.5 Mill tops in Oregon,” another said.

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“That walkway is cool and I love that closet,” one person gushed. “It’s a dream!!!”

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“I love it… really beautiful,” another remarked. “Movie room and snack bar are great.”

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“This house is actually perfect,” one person said. “And very East Coast classy.”

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“I must be weird because I think this is nice,” another remarked. “I’d love a movie room like that it’s creative and fun. At 750k it’s reasonably priced for that much house too.”

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“Seriously though, for that expansive of a house and the property, the price is a steal,” one person said. “Love everything about it.”

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Marietta is about 20 miles northwest of Atlanta.

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