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FROM PAGES PAST: 1921: Fire destroys Beach’s Garage

FROM PAGES PAST: 1921: Fire destroys Beach’s Garage

The Yates County History Center’s volunteers have gleaned these entries for your enjoyment from their digitized newspapers. You can access them at the free site For more information about the YCHC, visit

150 Years Ago

November 16, 1871

Editor Stafford Cleveland’s Defeat — The defeat of Stafford C. Cleveland, Republican candidate for Senator in the Ontario district, is the work of canal robbers whose robberies he has resisted and baffled. They were thwarted in their raids on the Treasury, and they have watched their opportunity for revenge. Such a defeat will elevate Mr. Cleveland in the esteem and confidence of his fellow citizens. It will not aid the tools that accomplished it, nor the larger politicians who gratified petty factional spite by encouraging them. ~ N. Y. Tribune