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development booms at I-76, Tallmadge Road

development booms at I-76, Tallmadge Road

Construction site behind Meijers, Brimfield.

Development at the interchange of Tallmadge Road and Interstate 76 in Brimfield continues to boom.

Two new industrial companies, a grocery store, and two car service businesses are planned in Brimfield’s joint economic development district with Tallmadge. The interchange area already features a Walmart, Lowe’s, Meijer and Menards, in addition to numerous restaurants and smaller businesses.

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There are now three distinct commercial developments in the area, The Cascades which includes the Walmart and Lowe’s; Maplecrest, which includes the Meijer store and Menards in addition to several restaurants; and Brimfield Commons, the newest development, located just west of Menards and New Wave Car Wash, which is under construction west of Arby’s.

DeHoff Development Co. and Lemmon Development are developing Maplecrest and Brimfield Commons.

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There are plans for a new Aldi grocery store in Brimfield Crossing just west of the car wash, according to Mike Hlad, Brimfield’s zoning inspector and economic development director.

Portage County Regional Planning Director Todd Peetz said the store would be located on a 2.4-acre parcel, just west of the drive back to Just Cricket Condominiums.

Hlad said construction could begin soon on the Aldi.

“This week, I approved the zoning certificate for Aldi,” he said. “After they go to the building department and get their certificates, they can get started.”

Rapid development in Brimfield is not limited to the commercial area near Tallmadge Road and I-76, added Hlad.

“We’ve had a record year as of the last trustees’ meeting,” he said. “Our zoning fees we’ve collected just in permit fees is [about] $236,591. That’s just so far this year, and we’ve still got permits and fees coming in. Last year was our record year, prior to this year.”

Hlad said a Valvoline is “going between Arby’s and the New Wave Car Wash, and that’s in Maplecrest.”

In addition, he said a Jiffy Lube likely will be built on an outlot across Tallmadge Road within The Cascades.

Two industrial businesses plan to move into new facilities behind the Menard’s and Meijer stores, he added. Hamrick Manufacturing is building a new facility located behind the Meijer store, and Martin Wheel is planning one behind Menards.

Brian Ebie, executive vice president at Hamrick Manufacturing, said the company is on schedule to move into the new nearly 63,000-square-foot facility sometime next summer, possibly as soon as June.

After a four-month transition period during which the company plans to work in both facilities, he said Hamrick would likely place its Martin Road facility on the market.

“We’ve been at this location for 47 years, and we’ve built on to this building 13 times,” he said. “The original building was built sometime in the ’50s.”

He said he’s like to see the 21,266-square-foot building become a business incubator, which would work well because it’s already divided up into the separate areas because of its many additions.

He said the company paid $835,000 for the property at Maplecrest and took out a loan for $5.65 million to building the new building. Both Hamrick and Martin Wheel also received tax abatements.

Hlad said the township also is considering two tax increment financing agreements to help pay to extend the road and utilities farther into the development, which will serve Martin Wheel and any other companies that build on the industrial land.

He declined to provide details of the TIF before consulting attorneys to determine how much could be shared prior to the Dec. 1 meeting of the Brimfield trustees, which will take place at 8 a.m. at the Brimfield Community Center, 4538 Edson Road.

“It outlines the percent of who is getting what and where the money goes,” he said of the proposed agreement. “The schools are made whole.”

For the TIF to take effect, he said Field Local Schools and Maplewood Career Center would have to sign off on the deal.

Brimfield Commons, the newest of the three commercial developments, includes outlots of 2.4 acres (where the Aldi plans to build) and 4.2 acres, according to Peetz. Hlad said that area is zoned for commercial use.

Behind that, the zoning is for integrated commercial use, which includes as permitted uses multi-family homes; home occupations; banks and financial institutions; food and drink preparation for sale on premises, including bakeries, cafés, candy stores, delicatessens, grocery stores, meat markets, restaurants, pizza shops and ice cream parlors; and personal services establishments, including barber shops, salons and shoe repair shops, among others.

That parcel is about 14.6 acres, according to plans submitted to the Portage County Regional Planning Commission.

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