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“Buy Nothing” Groups Growing, Meeting For Free Garage Sale In Tulsa

“Buy Nothing” Groups Growing, Meeting For Free Garage Sale In Tulsa

Imagine a garage sale in which you don’t have to pay for anything. That is what is happening February 19 in Tulsa, with the goal of reducing waste and helping your neighbors.

The idea is called the “Buy Nothing Project,” which is a worldwide movement to buy less and share more.

There are local Facebook groups with that mission and people are gathering to give things away.

“So, this is my daughter’s giveaway bag, and inside it, she had some of her Minnie toys here, a computer,” said Michelle Seefeldt of Tulsa, while showing her family’s giveaway items. “My other daughter’s giving her dinosaur there.”

Seefeldt is teaching her kids the value of giving. She oversees a “Buy Nothing” Facebook group for West Tulsa.

Each “Buy Nothing” group is focused on a location, such as specific areas of Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow and so on. Members of these groups may ask for anything, from shoes to egg cartons.

Members can also post things they want to give away, such as baby items and furniture.

“I just really love it,” said Seefeldt. “I love being able to connect with people, and when I give my stuff away, I know that they are going to put it to good use because they asked for it.”

The “Buy Nothing” groups around Green Country are meeting February 19 for a garage sale called “Junk in the Trunk.” Everything will be free.

“People just take their stuff and they lay it all out, and then other members of the group walk around and just take whatever they want, so it’s really nice,” explained Seefeldt. “It’s helping clear out my house, and then I’ll probably find some cool stuff, too, that I can use.”

Kiley Higgs will be at that garage sale. She, her mother and late grandmother have been involved with the group for years.

“It’s just a huge blessing to anyone that’s in it,” said Higgs.

Higgs said she has given and received all kinds of things, even getting a refrigerator.

“That was actually the first thing that I got on there,” said Higgs. “Funds were kind of tight at that point, and my mom said, ‘Hey, it doesn’t hurt to see if someone has a garage fridge or something along those lines,’ and lo, and behold, they did.”

Both Higgs and Seefeldt said they have seen a growing interest in the groups and hope more people will join their community to help one another.

To be a part of a “Buy Nothing” group, you must be at least 21 years old and join the group of the area you live in. You can search “Buy Nothing” with your location on Facebook for the available groups.

In order to go to the free garage sale at Hicks Park Community Center, you are asked to first join a local group and answer the questions before being approved.