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Attic to Basement holds grand opening in Le Roy | Business

Attic to Basement holds grand opening in Le Roy | Business

LE ROY — Attic to Basement Estate Sales & Clean Outs, LLC, established in 2019, still handles estate sales buyouts and cleanouts says owner Holly Murphy. The business, which moved from Batavia to Le Roy, now has a larger space of its own to carry items leftover from those events.

Attic to Basement, 65 Lake St., is holding a grand opening through 5 p.m. Sunday. Its current location has roughly 4,000 square feet, Murphy said. It offers a large collection of vintage tools, toys and hunting and fishing equipment. It also has items ranging from collectibles to jewelry, hardware to furniture, the company said on its website,

“Doing estate sales and buyouts and cleanouts, things are always changing here,” she said of the inventory. “We’re always bringing new things in. You never know what you’ll find here. There’s a story for everything we sell.”

Attic to Basement has found that many times when it holds an estate sale, such as when homeowners pass away, their children don’t want any of the possessions that are left over. Attic to Basement will buy those items, Murphy said.

“The younger generation doesn’t want their parents’ stuff anymore,” she said. “In most cases, the younger generation doesn’t live here. They live in other states. They just don’t have time to go through their parents’ things. We’ll do an estate sale at a home. They take what they want and they leave the rest. Most of it becomes part of our store.”

Most of the space Attic to Basement has now is full, Murphy said. She said everyone’s been coming in to check things out during the grand opening.

“You always have an endless supply of inventory, which is good,” she said.

Attic to Basement used to rent space at the Harvester Center in Batavia before the move in 2021. It took months to move everything out of there, said David Giannavola, who helps Murphy at the business.

“We’re still an estate sale company. When the sales are done, we do a lot of buyouts and cleanouts,” he said. “We do house cleanouts We do a little bit of everything … We even do estate organization.”

Giannavola said when it started, Attic to Basement was selling items online that it had purchased after estate sales.

Murphy said while in Batavia, Attic to Basement got some help from Bev Mancuso of Mancuso Business Development Group when it moved into the Harvester Center.

“It was a 15-month lease. If you paid for 12 months, you would get three free. We learned about that through one of our estate sales,” Murphy said.

At the time, the business was renting about 1,000 square feet of space. It outgrew its location, Murphy said.

“When we realized our business was going to be successful, we decided to come back to Le Roy,” she said. “We ran out of room.”

Attic to Basement is open at its new location from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday and is closed Monday and Tuesday.

“Probably, our hours will change in the future. This is a test run to see how it goes,” Murphy said.

A customer today asked whether Attic to Basement buys directly from people or just does estate sales.

“We occasionally buy (directly),” Murphy said. “It really depends on how busy we are.”

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