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AHDC Seeks City Go Ahead to Build Large Affordable Housing Development in Arlandria

AHDC Seeks City Go Ahead to Build Large Affordable Housing Development in Arlandria

The proposed affordable housing development near the intersection of West Glebe Road and Mount Vernon Avenue has evolved since Alexandria Housing Development Corporation (AHDC) requested City Council’s approval for a predevelopment loan back in September 2020.

The project was initially comprised of 375 affordable housing units, but plans have expanded to include 475 units, following community input and an increase in funding. The 3.26-acre site is currently occupied by two parking lots (one private and one city-owned), a vacant lot, a shopping center and a Peruvian restaurant (221 West Glebe Rd.; 3606, 3610, 3612 and 3700 Mount Vernon Ave.)

AHDC plans to build two large buildings on the site. All of the 475 housing units would be priced for residents who are at or below 80 percent Average Median Income (AMI). At least 25 percent of units will be available at 40 percent AMI, which is in high demand in the Arlandria-Chirilagua neighborhood.

AHDC is requesting an increased height and density bonus and reduced setback in exchange for the creation of affordable housing. The application also requests a reduction in the number of off-street parking spaces that are typically required. Building #1 would vary in height from 5 stories up to 10 stories and contain 417 one-to-three bedroom rental units, 4,019 square feet of commercial space and a parking garage with 382 parking spaces. Building #2 would range from 2 to 7 stories high and contain 58 units available for ownership and 34,269 square feet of commercial space.

Residents of each building will have access to a private, above-ground terrace with common barbecue, playground, gardening and relaxation areas. 44 percent of units will have their own balconies or terraces.

In addition to the state of the art amenities, spacious and affordable units available for residents of the new buildings, there are a number of other community benefits proposed as part of the project.

A 0.39 acre park in the courtyard of building #1 will be accessible to the public. The commercial space will contain community-serving retail including an on-site City satellite office. Upgrades will also be made to the sanitary/stormwater infrastructure in the area.

The project will improve streetscapes and vehicular and pedestrian traffic around the site. The possibility of a traffic light at West Glebe Road and the creation of new connections between West Glebe Road and Mount Vernon Avenue could alleviate some of the community concern over increased traffic due to the large scale of the project.

The buildings will comply with the City’s Green Building Policy and will have solar-ready rooftops and electric-vehicle charging stations.

City staff and the Planning Commission recommend that City Council approve the project at Saturday’s meeting. If it is approved, construction will begin in phases due to the size of the project and will not be completed until 2026. More information on the project is available on the AHDC website.